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Saluting YOU in 2022!

@5starpullupautozest began as a small platform to promote and share the American muscle car culture with a unique style. Along this journey, we were afforded the opportunity to attend local car shows, while meeting some of the cool drivers behind these awesome wheels. This year, we anticipate attending car shows all over the country.

To commemorate our 10k follower milestone, we excitedly unveiled our new logo design at the beginning of 2022!

A major salute to each of our followers and contributors for making this possible! We want to extend our sincerest appreciation and gratitude for your support on this journey – some of you following us since day one. Though one post would not allow us to thank all of you by name, we're committed to spotlighting some of our supporters each week who have displayed tremendous loyalty and support to our community.

These supporters not only like and comment on our posts, but tag our @5starpullup and @5starpullupautozest pages, using our trending #5starpullup hashtag in their posts! The love is real and a huge factor in promoting our brand and platform so we can continue to do what we love for YOU.

Now, we’d like to return that love! It’s the 5th season of the @5starpullupautozest car polling contest, and this year there will be a prize for the winners. We are also seeking sponsorship opportunities which will allow us to give away even more prizes. There will be one poll monthly to determine a winner, and the monthly winners will be added to the ultimate car poll for the annual grand prize for “Car of the Year”.

While we are super excited about this new phase of the 5starpullup journey, we cannot forget to acknowledge the reality of these rose-colored lenses we drive behind. 5starpullup isn’t just a platform or brand, but a community who cares for those within and outside of it. Many of our followers were involved in accidents and some incurred injuries or lost their vehicles, we pray for your full recovery. Others lost their life to a passion they love, and we pray for their families and that their souls may rest in eternal peace.

Be sure to continue liking, commenting, tagging, and sharing the #5starpullup tag to stay up to date on what’s happening in the 5starpullup community! 2022 will be a year of restoration and remembrance!

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