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My Long Drive Home

August, 5, 2020, started like any other day, however, ended as a night to never be forgotten. Early that same evening, I had dinner around 6 PM but really wasn’t feeling it. Knowing I would soon leave for work, I decided to take a quick nap. Out of the house a little after 7 pm, my evening started quite busy but slowed down after a while which is typical for a Tuesday night. Taking Interstate 75 South, my last delivery was around 11:30 PM, Kennesaw, GA, area. As I passed the Canton connector, traffic was pretty light, there were only a few cars ahead also noticing two police vehicles in the first and second lanes to my right. Using my signal, I moved to the second lane which had me behind one of the police vehicles. Approaching my exit, I signaled again moving toward the exit where the other police vehicle was. As soon as I was in the exit lane, it appeared one of the officers was then directly behind me.However, I proceeded to exit. 

Exiting, I quickly realized I was being followed. Reaching the intersection of North Marietta Parkway, he was in fact  trailing me. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I continued on, yet watching in my rear view mirror. Within the speed limit, I did speed up a bit just to see what he would do. As I suspected, he was right on me. There went those blue lights. I slowed down, turned my music down, turned on my hazard lights, rolled down the drivers side window and put my hands on the steering wheel. Using the loud speaker, I was given some type of instructions but I didn’t understand what he was saying. The officer then stepped out of his truck and walked up to my car asking me to pull over to the right side of the road. I did. He retreated back to his truck and was right back behind me with the blue lights on.

He walked up to me once again and asked if everything was ok. I smiled and told him absolutely. He asked for my ID. I pulled it out from my cross body bag strapped across my chest. I handed my ID over to him and after a quick look he asked me if the way he pronounced my last name was right. I told him he was correct.

Then he asked me if I drank, I told him I don’t drink. He then told me the reason he pulled me over was because he saw me swerving between lanes and across the middle yellow line. I looked at him with a big surprise gesture. Saying to myself “that didn’t happen”. I saw him looking inside of my car. He saw the delivery food and drink and asked if I was doing Uber Eats, and I told him yes and in fact this is my last run before I go home. He then asked me to be patient and wait for me while he went back to his truck. 

He returned back and handed me my ID within two minutes and told me that I was good to go. I told him thank you and he asked if I had any questions. Initially I said no, but then I asked him if everything was ok and if I was being charged with anything. He said he was just giving me a verbal warning and that I was good to go. He asked me again if I had any other questions. I asked him for his name, responded Officer Cater. I then told him to have a good night.

I pulled off and dropped my last delivery before heading home and called it a night. It was a slow evening that turned to be a little dramatic. This is what happened to me on the night of August 5, 2020. I felt it was important to share my experience. My story.  

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