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Silver Linings & the Global Pandemic, 2020

It was very frustrating when COVID-19 initially hit. Unsure how the pandemic would affect my life and the lives of those around me, it was important that I resembled some sense of normalcy to maintain. The nearly immediate lockdown allowed me the flexibility and more time to work on my personal & professional brands contributing to the growth of my Instagram page reaching 10,000 followers. This growth also led to brand partnerships and other collaborations bringing new opportunities.  

During this time, I was also able to apply for and earn LLC status for my business. Officially registered in Atlanta, GA, my company is now recognized as 5starpullup, LLC. These accomplishments have allowed me to realize greater possibilities. 

My blog was also started during this time with a mission to expose my brand and to share relevant stories with new & existing audiences. Realizing I must continue to grow & improve my brand and platform contents, I was also inspired to enroll in a photography course in which I acquired my first digital camera, the Nikon 5600.

Unknowingly, I later recognized these opportunities as silver linings where I plan to further my mission, brand, and growth as a businessman. While the pandemic has certainly thrown a wrench in things, I remain positive and am making the best out of it. On whatever side of the globe you’re on, I hope that you are too. 

Stay Well.

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