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Evening Was Lit!

To all of you taking this journey with me, you’ve been so dedicated, thank you.

I had an interesting experience this evening, I could have allowed it to block me, but I didn’t. I turned something negative into a positive and decided to share it to inspire you to always move forward.

So, I’ve shared that I'm not doing Uberx rides at the moment, currently doing Uber Eats in the evenings. Today was a day to work. Usual practice, I had dinner and prepared for the evening. Eating healthy, I often take snacks like fruit, an assortment of nuts, and of course, bottled water. Fast forward to getting on the road and starting the app, I got a ping. But wouldn’t you know it, barely 5 minutes into the ride, my check engine light and LSD lights came on. I was frustrated and confused because I just had a routine service check yesterday. Good thing I have a device that automatically diagnoses the vehicle when there’s a breakdown. The check indicated a problem with the Coolant Thermostat, medium severity. This relaxed my thoughts and I was thankful because it could have been much worse.   

Right away, I cancelled my Uber Eats requests and headed back home. First thing I did was pull the email from the Toyota service center about the Multi-Point Inspection report received after yesterday’s service check. As you can imagine, I immediately responded to Toyota letting them know exactly what had happened and scheduled a follow up appointment. 

I looked forward to the work tonight. But that’s life, right? There’s always something but I didn’t let it get to me. I could have thought about it for half the night but what would that do...nothing. Instead of allowing it to consume me, I decided to use the time I would have been working and do something productive. What happened allowed me more time to focus on my brand. I was able to get some things done so my evening wasn’t a total loss.

No matter where you are or your circumstances it could always be worse. When possible, turn those negatives into positives. I hope my story has encouraged you to press forward in your own journey and be inspired. 

Take care and be safe!

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Life is full of bumps along the way; it’s how we respond to them that determines our outcome. Nice read!

Gefällt mir
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